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Minus One is an icy nightclub situated in the not-so-frozen hills of the Goblet.We strive to bring you a flurry of fun within our frozen walls.

Rules:- You must be over the age of 18 to enter this venue.
- Be Respectful towards staff and patrons alike.
- No discrimination of any kind. This includes but is not limited to: racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, etc.
- Please refrain from using the LFM/LFP tags, or the /yell and /shout channels, as these are reserved for staff.
- Our Snow Angels have the right to deny any booking they so wish.
- Please keep /say chat SFW.
- No Lalafell NSFW of any kind. Lalafell will be denied our NSFW services.
- Please leave your weapons and minions at the door. They'll be well taken care of, we promise!

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Our Snow Angels reserve the right to deny any booking. Please treat them respectfully.

Blessing: Are the challenges of life taking their toll on you, my cherished one? Join me, and together, let's wash away the weariness and bask in the warmth of a cozy fire. What follows is an exploration of your desires, where I specialize in the art of bringing pleasure. Your well-being is my focus, and I'm dedicated to ensuring you find relaxation and fulfillment in every moment we share. Let me guide you to a place of rejuvenation and bliss, where your wishes become the centerpiece of our time together.

Gender: Female | She/her
Sexuality: Bisexual
Alignment: Switch
Likes: Watersports, DP/DVP, Rimming
Dislikes: Scat
Hey sweetie! Oh, it's like totally fabulous running into you on this chilly night! I'm Juno, by the way! My mission here is to bring absolute joy to my amazing master or pet. Picture this: I'm all about making you feel super relaxed and helping you unwind. Or maybe, you could be my absolute hero and help me shake off the stress I've got weighing on my chest, you know? Like, let's make it an adventure, sugar!

Blessing: Immerse yourself in a tantalizing world of unrestrained sensuality with me. Envision an intimate dance where every sinuous movement is a whispered promise, sending shivers down your spine, and each touch unveils a hidden desire that ignites a fiery passion within. Together, let's transcend the ordinary, weaving a sumptuous tapestry of passion that not only awakens but caresses the very essence of your senses.In the dim, sultry glow, allow the anticipation to build as our bodies gracefully intertwine, crafting an intimate narrative of explicit allure and unreserved indulgence. Shed every inhibition, feeling the magnetic pull of desire as we surrender to the pulsating rhythm, creating an intoxicating dance that ventures into the alluring realms of forbidden ecstasy.This dance experience goes beyond the physical; it's a journey where the lines between passion and intimacy blur, leaving you breathless, your heart pounding in rhythm with the clandestine desires we unveil. Are you prepared to immerse yourself in the secrets of desire, where each moment in our world of unspoken fantasies leaves an indelible mark? The stage is set; the spotlight is on you.

Gender: Male | He/Him
Sexuality: Gay
Alignment: Submissive
Likes: Cuddling, Flirting, Teasing, Degradation.
Dislikes: CNC, Scat, extreme violence.
Hey there, I'm Hunter! Your favourite Ul'dahn Toy Boy! It's such a pleasure to meet you! If you crave a night full of tantalizing surprises and a touch of Winter's seductive charm, you've found the perfect partner ready for unforgettable escapade. Allow me to be your conductor of our frost-kissed symphony, where desire swirls in the chilled air, and ever moment is an intimate dance of passion. Ready to surrender to the enchantment of a night where the frosty whispers of winter add an icy atmosphere to our shared secrets?

Blessing: "Angel's Embrace"
Let me take care of you, and join me in this embrace. Rest your head on my bosom, and focus on the gentle touch of my soft lips pressed against your skin. I will hold you close, as long as you will let me. Let us explore each other's bodies, and I will be yours for the night.
Lay me down slowly, kiss me tenderly, fuck me gently.

Gender: Female | She/Her
Sexuality: Pansexual
Alignment: Switch
Likes: Cuddling, Praise, Voyeurism, Being called 'good girl'
Dislikes: Anything anal related, Pain
Well, hello there. Kismet here, your favourite angel bunny.
Spending most of my time between these frozen walls, I crave warmth, and a gentle touch. Caress my soft skin, run your fingers through my hair, and I'll show you my gratitude tenfold.

Blessing: "A Bard's Muse"
You poor soul, you look exhausted. I fully understand; it's a tiring world out there. The music is loud and distracting, but let me lead you somewhere warm and quiet, I can see in your eyes you have a lot on your mind. Whatever the world may have troubled you with, I am here to offer a listening ear and flirtatious voice. In these moments I am your poet and you my muse. Allow me to praise and compliment your beautiful self, as you deserve. Simply lean back, rest your head against my chest or lap, and let me distract you with my words. If you would like, I can braid your hair, hold you close, or even share a kiss. This evening is about you, darling.

Gender: Male | He/Him
Sexuality: Bisexual
Alignment: SFW Only
Likes: Cuddling, Flirting, kissing, praising, just about anything soft really.
Dislikes: Anything too far into NSFW, feel free to ask <3
Hello! I'm Helix, and it's a pleasure to meet you! If you're looking for a shoulder to lean on, a lap to rest your weary head on, or simply someone to lend you a listening ear, then I'm the one for you. I'm the perfect drinking partner or cuddle buddy if the world's struggles are weighing you down. Simply come on over, allow me to provide you with some company, and relax dear! Oh, and I hope you don't mind getting a bit of lipstick on your cheek, I quite enjoy a kiss or two <3

Blessing: I know how you're feeling~ Long days grinding against your soul over and over... The constant repetitive nature just feeling like an absolute drag. It's okay, there's ways to counteract that~ Simply give your soul to me, let me take you in under my grasp and I'll be sure to bring you a night you can never forget dear~ Lust and desire has no consequences when you're bound down in the depths of hell, and I might even let you decide between threads of silk or the cold certainty of chains to keep you safe under a queen succubi's caress~ A romantic/erotic BDSM experience.

Gender: Female | She/her
Sexuality: Lesbian
Alignment: Dominant
Likes: Light/heavy BDSM, romance/cuddling, teasing, petplay, musk, and many more.
Dislikes: Fully depends on the mood, feel free to ask away.
Hellooooo~ My name is Madeline Bluebird, and I'll be your hellish company for tonight~ Whether you're wanting a casual talk over the bar, some gentle, tender care to wash away your worries or the most devilish desires fufilled at a snap, I'm here for all of it. I'm more then welcoming to anyone and anything with the right attitude and a shimmer in their pocket... What attitude is that? Come over, talk and find out love~ Let's make tonight interesting, aye?~